Beta Facial

Beta Facial
Beta Facial

What is Beta Facial?

The Beta Facial Treatment is perfect for those with combination or oily skin. It helps to balance oil production on the skin’s surface while flushing out the follicular wall, clearing bacteria, dead skin cells, and debris.

This treatment also reduces photo-aging signs by minimising the appearance of liver spots and irregular pigmentation caused by damaging UV rays.

Beta Facial

How it works?

Beta facials are effective for oily skin as they penetrate deeply, removing dead skin cells and excess sebum. This prevents clogged pores and reduces inflammation and acne symptoms.

BHAs break down and dissolve dead skin cells and excess oil accumulating on the skin’s surface. They work deep into the skin, unclogging pores and regulating excess sebum production. This can aid in reducing inflammation and other symptoms linked to oily skin.


Beta Facial Questions & Answers

Beta facials may not be suitable for sensitive skin as they can dry out the skin and cause irritation.
Beta hydroxy acid is unique because it is lipid-based and oil-soluble. This characteristic allows it to permeate the skin through follicles, penetrate sebum, and facilitate deep pore cleansing.
Beta Facial, particularly in Salicylic Acid, is best suited for individuals with acne or oily skin. However, it can also be found in anti-aging products due to its benefits.
BHA treatment is great for acne-prone or oily skin. It can treat breakouts, reduce blemishes, refine texture, and prevent new lesions. It also manages mild oiliness and prevents occasional breakouts.
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Benefits of Beta Facial

Clearing pores

BHAs can clear out blackheads caused by clogged hair follicles. Sebum and dead skin cells can accumulate in large follicles, leading to blackheads. Beta hydroxy acids can effectively cut through sebum, reducing blackheads and blemishes.

Treating existing acne

Beta Facial in skin products fights acne by clearing pores, reducing blackheads and skin congestion, and combating the bacteria that cause acne.

Preventing new acne breakouts

Using Beta Facial regularly, with the guidance of a dermatologist, can prevent new acne breakouts by reducing the buildup of sebum through the daily use of BHAs.

Benefits oily skin

Beta Facial helps oily skin by penetrating deep into the pores, dissolving excess sebum and unclogging them. It regulates oil production, reduces shine, and helps prevent acne breakouts. BHA exfoliates the skin, promoting a smoother texture and refining the appearance of enlarged pores, resulting in a less oily and more balanced complexion.