Plasma Shower Facial

Plasma Shower

What is Plasma Shower?

Our Plasma Shower Facial aims to assist you with acne! Plasma is the 4th state of matter after solid, liquid and gas, also known as ionised gas.

Our Plasma Shower Facial treatment is needle-free; however, you will feel warmth and tingling during the session.

The Plasma Shower technology is designed to treat a range of skin concerns, and at HiSculpt, we specialise in acne by targeting the bacteria that cause the condition. The atmospheric pressure of the plasma shower can be adjusted to target different types of bacteria and skin concerns.

Plasma Shower

How it works?

Once the thermal energy from the plasma device reaches a distance of approximately 1mm from the skin, it interacts with oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere to produce a plasma arc. This arc then vaporises upon contact with the skin.

This treatment quickly firms the skin’s surface and briefly disturbs the underlying dermis layer upon application. This allows for absorbing powerful active ingredients that stimulate healing and promote collagen and elastin production.


Plasma Shower Questions & Answers

The plasma shower is suitable for all skin types. It is a fantastic treatment for acne and congested skin as it helps minimise acne bacteria.
Your skin will look normal afterwards, your face will look more even and calm, and your skin will be glowing.
There is no downtime with our plasma shower treatment; however, you should avoid for 24h sweating, hot showers, sauna, exercise, makeup, and any acid. It would help if you only used your preferable antibacterial-based moisturiser.
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Benefits of Plasma Shower

Destroys Bacteria

When Plasma comes into contact with the skin and pores, it sterilises propionibacterium bacteria. This helps to prevent further bacterial acne and promotes healing to treat any active acne.

Aids Absorption

Plasma treatment has various benefits for the skin. One advantage is that it enhances the skin’s ability to absorb creams and serums, resulting in more effective outcomes.

Skin Regeneration

It stimulates collagen and elastin production by activating angiogenesis-related molecules in skin keratinocytes, fibroblasts, and endothelial cells.

Accelerates Healing

Plasma energy treatment is highly effective in activating the body’s healing mechanisms. It is an ideal solution for individuals with sensitive or damaged skin and those undergoing invasive procedures.